Thursday, January 7, 2010

Repairing a chipped oil painting?

Small spot is flaking off...what will re-adhere it to the canvas ?

Not valuable enough to take a museum or restorer.Repairing a chipped oil painting?
What I would use is go to an art shop and get some liquin medium. Put some with a sable brush or some very soft soft brush under and over it. Be very gentle. This should dry in about a day and form a film that is glossy and bond with the rest of the painting. If your painting has matte finish wait a bout a week and re varnish.Repairing a chipped oil painting?
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Hoho, did you damage something at your boyfriends house? I don't think any glue that isn't specificly made for reparing paintings won't do. The paint will dissolve and you'll smudge the area around it as well. Go to one of those painting shops, they always have something suitable.

Sorry for the joke above. ;)
Best you can do it take the painting down and check for more of those spots. They seldom come alone unless you bumped into it. Do not bend the cracked part or check with your fingers if it is still connected. Check with your eyes only. Use a magnifying glass.

The best way to deal with a crack like that is to insert some glue with a syringe. Just the tiniest drop of glue. it will spread out and you only want to fix it in it's place. Do not try to get the whole area covered in glue or it will run from the crack and you REALLY have a problem. Gently place or push the fragment back in it's spot with a soft brush.

If you really feel secure and have a stead hand inject the glue from the back. Under an angle 'emerge' just the hole in the needle and insert a drop. That way you don't have to make the crack any bigger or increase the damage to the chipped paint. Try to aim between the threads and the hole will almost always disapear by itself.

Because most pharmacies are hesitant to give out needles to just anyone, ask you family doctor for a needle (short and wide version, long and thin will need enormous pressure so that is no good). The syringe itself you can get at the pharmacy.

For glue you can use acrylic medium (for thinning paint) or Caparol (glue/medium) ask in your local art shop. You can water it down a bit if it is to thick but drops should not run but have some yoghurt like consistency to them.

Missing pieces you can fill in with oil or acrylic paint but unless you have some painting skill I would recommend against that....actually I would recommend against the whole procedure asked and I answered.

Good luck.
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